House Rules

Downtime Activities

Downtime is a large part of this campaign. Story arcs will take place over months or years, and much of the characters’ growth and development will take place between crucial scenes.

The following activites are available during downtime:

  • Building a Stronghold (DMG 128)
  • Carousing (DMG 128)
  • Crafting (PHB 187)
  • Crafting Magical Items (DMG 128)
  • Gaining Renown (DMG 129)
  • Performing Sacred Rites (DMG 129)
  • Practicing a Profession (PHB 187)
  • Recuperating (PHB 187)
  • Researching (PHB 187)
  • Running a Business (DMG 129)
  • Selling Magic Items (DMG 129)
  • Sowing Rumors (DMG 131)
  • Training (PHB 187)
  • Training to Gain Levels (DMG 131)


We will be using the “Gritty Realism” Rest variant from the DMG (pg 267):

Short rests are at least 8 hours.
Long rests are at least 7 days.

This gives spells, magical healing, and magical items a much more powerful place in the world. Spell casters must be careful before casting anything more that a cantrip and a wand or rod becomes a game changing relic.

This rule also extends the timeframe of most story arcs. Injury is a serious affair and the characters will need to regularly rest and recuperate between serious encounters.

House Rules

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